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CrossFit Beacon

We are a functional fitness gym that is on a mission to build a community dedicated to building a buffer between our health and injury/illness while having fun and making meaningful connections! 

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Introduction to CrossFit:

This  4-week session meets 2x per week and is designed for individuals looking to support their physical and mental health by beginning a fitness routine that will build a buffer to injury or illness. This program is perfect for individuals starting their fitness journey or returning after an injury. 


We spend the four weeks learning how to safely move through natural ranges of motion that mimic how we use our bodies in everyday life while identifying areas for increased range of motion and strength.  


Each session includes a teaching and practicing component followed by a workout circuit to increase your heart rate. 

Class size is limited to 6.  

 Small Group CrossFit Classes:​

For individuals who have completed our Introduction to CrossFit program or who have previous experience and want to continue building their fitness buffer in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Each class includes a strength or skill session followed by a workout programmed to meet each participant at their individual fitness level. 

Class size is limited to 8

Personal or Small Group Training:


Our professional coaching staff would love to tailor a workout session specifically for you and your goals!  Whether it's to hike a 4,000 foot mountain or be able to pick your grandkids up with confidence we can tailor a program just for you. We offer individual or small group (up to three people) training packages that range from once a week for 30 mins to 3 times a week for 45 minutes.  

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