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Hydro Fitness Classes

Hydro-Fitness Classes paused for the summer! New schedule will be posted September 1st!

REQUIRED - must shower with soap prior to entering the pool. We recommend wearing aqua shoes when using the underwater treadmill.
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Hydro Fitness Classes
Max 2 People


Swim, Walk, Run, Strengthen...Cross-train! 


The vast benefits of aquatic movement have been documented for centuries! Our Endless SwimSpa is kept between 87 and 90 degrees! It is located in our hydro room, outfitted with two private bathrooms and a specialized air filtration system designed to keep the temperature and air quality optimal for comfort and performance. The natural buoyancy of the water helps relieve arthritis pain, improves respiratory function, and unloads overused joints. For post-surgical folks, our underwater treadmill helps accelerate healing and mobility as the resistance of water allows muscles to build while simultaneously protecting your joints! Our hydro-fitness classes are facilitated by a Physical Therapist. You will be guided through an exercise routine that will be geared to your fitness level but still offer a challenge. Give this class a try if you're looking to add a little spice to your exercise routine!


The Details

  • Swim Spa temp is a toasty 90 degrees & water depth is 57 inches

  • Private bathrooms with showers

  • max 2 people per class

  • classes are approx. 35 minutes long


$39- Hydro Fitness Intro Class: Max of 2 people

$139- Hydro Fitness 5 session punch pass

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