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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Schedule 


Feel better.
Healthier. Stronger.


When you feel better, you can move better and do more. Infrared helps with healing through its pain relief and anti-inflammation benefits. The light penetrates the body and stimulates circulation, decreases inflammation, and provides relief from pain. 


The deep detoxification infrared waves stimulating within the body are also known to help remove certain toxic heavy metals and other environmental
toxins that cause debilitating symptoms. Infrared also boosts the immune system, helping the body stay healthy and ready to fight viruses
and other illnesses.

Feel restored.
Revitalized. Rejuvenated.

No one wants muscle soreness to slow them down. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend golfer or simply trying to stay active, proper muscle recovery impacts your ability to keep doing what you love. Infrared sauna therapy penetrates muscles deeper, increases blood flow and helps the body recover faster so you can stay in the game of sports, and life.

Infrared light heats the body from within and penetrates the joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and blood flow for proper
healing. It accelerates recovery, helps build muscles, decreases inflammation, and increases flexibility.

The Details

  • Each session is for up to 40 minutes

  • You must bring a towel and clothing required- ideally a bathing suit

  • Each session booked is for 1 person - you must call to add another person to your booked time


Members $15/session
5 card punch pass for $100
$25 - for drop-in session


Infrared Sauna Main Benefits

  • Anti-Aging

  • Detoxification

  • Heart Health

  • Immunity

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Relaxation


Pool, Nutrition & Personal Training

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