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H2O Fitness Collaborative
Getting YOU better is what we do!!

Sport based performance training

programs for 12-25-year-old athletes looking to improve speed, agility, and strength in addition to improving sport-specific biomechanics.

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Soccer Game
Performance & Hydro Class

6-Week Program

Option for land-based or combination of land and pool sessions


Athletes will receive initial strength/biomechanic testing results as well as a home program to perform 1-2 times a week.

Strength/body mechanics testing includes:


  • Functional Movement Screen (screening tool used to identify limitation or asymmetries)

  • BodiTrak for squat/jump mechanics with video feedback

  • Drop jump landing to assess mechanics with video analysis (knee angle and knee to hip ratio)

  • plyometric testing to assess strength, mechanics, and leg symmetry

  • Keiser leg press to measure limb symmetry and strength

Beach Volleyball_edited.jpg
Land-based Performance Training will Include:


  • Injury prevention warm-up

  • Agility: ladder and drills to improve quickness with a change of direction and speed

  • Plyometric training:   Progressing from bilateral to single leg, with and without direction change

  • Sport-specific upper Extremity, lower extremity, and core strengthening using Biodex, resistance bands, medicine balls, and weights


A great option for strengthening with less load/impact, as well as those who may be in pain, but still want to be able to work on strength and endurance.  Intervals in and out of the pool include:

  • Strengthening, plyometrics, running on an underwater treadmill and swimming in the pool

  • Upper extremity/lower extremity/core strengthening on the pool deck with bodyweight and resistance bands


  • $29 for one session

  • $129 for 5 card punch pass

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