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#TUNEUP! appointments must be booked through our office by either phone or email.  

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40-Minute Session

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Don’t have a current orthopedic injury but have a mild ache or pain? Want to be able to check-in and review your exercises or discuss your current challenges achieving a fitness goal? Or are you curious about innovative fitness strategies that allow you to be efficient with your time and get the most out of your hard work?

Our 40-minute #TUNEUP! program is just what you’re looking for! 


Who: Anyone at any age can benefit from a tune-up or update on strategies and techniques to improve their “bum knee, stiff back, weak hips or loose ankle".  Do you have an old nagging injury that is flaring up with your new fitness endeavors? Find out how you can do the things you love without pain and discomfort!


What: Our #TUNEUP! is a 40-minute opportunity to discuss your concerns around your latest adventures in being active! This is a non-insurance-based 40 minute customized fitness consultation with our experienced Physical Therapist that will provide you with the comprehensive updates, innovation, and confidence you need to make the most of your fitness and lifestyle routine!


How: Your Physical Therapist will perform an extensive review of your medical history, fitness and wellness strategies. This includes lifestyle components such as sleep cycles, stress management techniques, nutrition, type and timing of exercise, and fitness goals. These are just a few of the elements taken into consideration when developing your unique #Tuneup! fitness strategy. 


When: ANYTIME! Our #TuneUp! is designed specifically for the person who wants to avoid injury and stay on a path of activity. Maybe you signed up for a marathon, but are worried the old knee injury will act up during your training. Or perhaps you have set a goal to hike Mt. Katahdin but you're concerned your ankle won't be up for the challenge. Whatever it is, our #TuneUp! will identify your muscle weaknesses and imbalances and give you a plan to make you stronger!

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