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H2O Fitness Collaborative
Physical Therapy & Fitness Center

Image of the H2O Team.

Physical Therapy & Fitness Under One Roof

H2O Fitness Collaborative is an innovative healthcare and fitness facility like no other in our area! We at H2O Fit Co are a team of experienced and passionate healthcare and fitness professionals proudly serving our community with the most customized and comprehensive care in Maine. You will find all that you need at H2O Fit Co to set your goals in motion.


~ Our Offerings at H2O in Scarborough ~

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services ~ Aquatic Therapy in our Endless Swim Spa E550  with Underwater Treadmill ~

Pilates Reformer Classes with Salud ~  Strength Training with CrossFit Beacon ~ Personal Training with Stacy Cimino ~

Keep It Simple Nutrition Consultation with K. McLean ~ The Momma Movement Programs ~ #TuneUp! Custom Fitness  Programming ~ Great Blue Acupuncture with Leah Chamberlin ~ 

~We Have the Tools to Empower Your Journey~


Our mission at H2O Fitness Collaborative is to provide innovative, effective, and comprehensive health and fitness strategies to support both physical and personal growth.

Our vision at H2O Fitness Collaborative is to earn the trust and confidence within our community as a leader in providing thoughtful, well-rounded, client-centered care. 

Locally owned and operated by families working together to help our community stay healthy and active. 

"We strive for progress not perfection"

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We Are Stronger Together

When it comes to our health and well-being we depend on the timely and cohesive advice of our local health and fitness providers to give us the information we need to be on our way to a better quality of life. Often times this process is not timely or cohesive and thus the catalyst for H2O Fitness Collaborative. H2O Fitness Collaborative is proud to host an exceptional team of passionate and experienced health and fitness providers comprised of dedicated local business owners. Our primary focus is to create one robust, multi-faceted healthcare facility. In doing so, we're able to provide attentive, individualized care while doing what we love and are highly trained to do. And our "under one roof" model offers convenience for busy lifestyles...H2O on the go! H2O Fitness Collaborative is pleased to host Salud Pilates, Great Blue Acupuncture with Leah Chamberlin, Personal Training with Stacy Cimino, Nutrition Consultation, Solo Swim Spa Sessions, H2O Physical Therapy, CrossFit Beacon, Momma Movement and a variety of classes. We are beyond excited to provide our community with fresh, effective and efficient health and fitness strategies. 

We are stronger together. 

Female jogger stretching.

To book or learn more check out our    SERVICES page! 

                 Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm

Services @ H2O


What people have to say...

Love H2O! Very personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I feel very comfortable when I am there. I truly feel listened to and heard. Best PT I have ever had.

H2O Fitness Collaborative is an incredible find. From the first phone call there is a sense of being heard, seen and cared for. Erin is a true gift. Her knowledge, talent, professionalism, unmistakable care, support, kindness and positive energy have made me feel sure that I am in the best of hands. Thank you!

This is the first PT experience I have maintained consistently. Heather really listened and created a personal plan for me and my needs. The swim spa has given me physical and mental benefits. Everyone on the team is warm and welcoming.

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